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Mid/Late 2000

  • Created the initial chat at the request of Forexs and V.
  • Used flat-file database, and was only a single self-contained chat.

January 8th, 2001

Somewhere after April 2001

May 8th, 2001

May 2002

  • Started recording creation dates on chats. Oldest existing chat recorded in this way is Black Dawn: 2110 from May 29th, 2002.

June 2002

  • Bought hosting on TOS

August 2002

  • Was suspended from TOS for gobbling CPU and RAM. Back to DHT.

August 26th, 2002

  • Beseen is shut down by LookSmart "Due to the high cost of offering this free service..."

April 1st, 2003

  • Made a spoof that LookSmart had bought the chats. Got a lot of fun reactions since they were the ones who bought and shut down Beseen.

April 2003

  • Ordered a dedicated server from Central Internet Web Hosting, but they never got it to work. Was refunded later on.

May 2003

  • Investigated other dedicated server hosts. Eventually settled on ServerBeach.
  • First month on ServerBeach was chaotic since the machine would randomly reboot.

June 2003

  • Got a completely new machine from ServerBeach since the old was declared dead. Has been on the new one ever since, with no problems.

July 2003

December 2004

  • 380 chats, 15000 lines per day, 110 daily chatters.

August 8th, 2005

December 2005

  • 390 chats, 10000 lines per day, 130 daily chatters.
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