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Login Screen

  • Fill out the form and click 'Enter Chat'.
  • The 'Reload' box only applies to registered users. It is used to reload your last used color/link/image so you don't need to fill in those parts.

General Commands

  • The letters/numbers infront of names are idents. They are generated from your IP. Used to make impersonation more difficult.
  • Use [x] where x is either of i-u-b-t for italic-underlined-bold-alternate text. End with [/x]. For example [u]Word[/u] will output Word. Alternately, /word/ will output word, _word_ outputs word and -word- outputs word.
  • Links are created by writing any line with tp:// in it. Example would output
  • The 4 boxes labeled B, I, U and T will make the entire line the style of the checked box. Can be combined with the [] styles for extra effect.
  • Use '/me text' to make an action.
  • Use '/nick newname' to change your name to newname.
  • Use '/link http://something/' to change your link.
  • Use '/image http://something/image.jpg' to change your image.
  • '/undo' will remove your last post from the log (will not affect the complete log). Cannot undo msgs or other commands.
  • '/whois username' will check when that user was last in the chat.
  • Use the 'Log out' button to exit, or the alternate /exit command.

Registered user commands

  • '/msg username message' will send a private message to username. If username is in multiple words, exchange spaces/whitespace with _.

Moderative commands

  • '/ban ident seconds' will ban everybody with the ident for the amount of seconds.
  • '/unban ident' will unban the chosen ident.
  • '/muban' will clear the ban list thus removing any ban.
  • '/rem text' will remove any line that contains 'text' from the log (will not affect the complete log).

Admin commands

  • '/clear' will clear the chat and userlist of text, forcing a clean log.
  • '/raw HTML line' will insert the HTML line into the chat log without changing it. Please make sure it is correct HTML and that it won't mess up the log.
  • Admins also have access to the Message of the Day. Go to the Members Area and select 'Edit MOTD' (only if you actually have a useful thing to say, of course).
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