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Commands usable by anyone

  • /exit message
    • Leaves the chat with the message as last remark.
  • /quit message
    • Alias of above, but works for Stealth users also.
  • /me message
    • Performs the action message.
  • /undo
    • Removes your last posted line.
  • /ignore ident time
    • Ignores the user with the ident ident for time seconds.
  • /unignore ident
    • Removes the ignore for the user with ident ident.
  • /nick handle
  • /name handle
    • Changes your nickname in the chat to handle.
  • /link URL
    • Sets your link (applied to your nickname) to URL.
  • /dice XdY
    • Rolls X dice with Y sides.
  • /image URL
    • Sets your image (shown in the userlist) to URL.
  • /msg handle message
    • Sends a private note of message to handle. If you want a handle with more than one word, use _ for spaces.
  • /whois handle
    • Shows when handle last was in the chat.
  • /strike query
    • Will strike out any of your own sentences in the chat that matches words from query.

Commands usable by mods

  • /muban
    • Removes any and all bans in the chat.
  • /ban ident time
    • Bans the user with the ident ident for time seconds.
  • /unban ident
    • Unbans the user with ident ident.
  • /rem query
    • Removes all lines containing query. Is case-insensitive.

Commands usable by admins

  • /sban ident time
    • Silent ban usable by the Chat Master. Otherwise alias of /ban.
  • /clear
    • Wipes all lines from the chat.
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