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  • Explain dichotomy of showing most popular chats on top / making a Top 10 / etc.


  • Avatar country flags are so far for registered users only, and they can turn it off. Would be an invasion of privacy otherwise (or so I think). Should probably be a chat-specific setting whether unreg'ed have it.
  • All forms must have enctype="multipart/form-data" accept-charset="UTF-8" regardless of method.
  • Changes in the db are not reflected live immediately, which is correct and intentional behavior. Such queries are cached for up to an hour. When the admin area is made, any update will mark the cache as dirty and thus get it reloaded, but for now we have to do that ourselves with doing /reloadchat in the chat we changed things in. Similarly, /rechecklogin is for when the current user is changed.

Other Ideas

  • RSS feed of chat/avatar/etc.
  • External login validation, to allow other sites to validate against the pJJ DB.
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