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Ideas from 1998

Various vague ideas I had for an expansion to MoM.

City Productions

  • Officer Academy (building):
Upkeep: 5 gold
Enables the 4 Combat Advisors to be built.
--------Unit-------------------also require-----------
Warfare General          War Academy & Animist Guild
Master at Arms           War Academy & Alchemist Guild
Seer                     Cathedral & Animist Guild
High Mage/High Priest    Mages Guild / Parthenon
  • Prayer (special setting): Prayer is like Housing and Trade Goods, but it favors power and research.

City Specifics

  • Fantastic Cities: These are cities where fantastic creatures that have chosen this plane of existence live. A city can belong to a single realm only. Units built in these cities will have both gold, food and mana upkeep. They will gain experience at half speed. The units you can build in these cities come from the summon spells. These cities are only pre-placed, and cannot produce settlers.
  • Changing Production: When changing production from one building to another, 25% of the production will be lost. When changing production from a unit to another, 10% of the production will be lost. All production will be lost when changing from building to unit.
  • Node Influence: Cities under node influence will recieve +15% to their power, and +5% to research. Units build in such a city will have a +2 resistance against the powers of the influencing realm.


  • Life/Death nodes: These will now be placed on the planes just as the regular nodes.
  • Node development: Over time nodes build a stronger defense. This was included so that in a long game, taking a node would be just as hard as early in the game. Nodes developement is based on all wizards status. If all wizards are strong, the nodes will defend better. Nodes will not grow weaker if wizards do, this is to insure that world destruction spells cannot be used to capture nodes with ease.
  • Node Magic: A node will now have casting abilities, thus providing nodes with their own spells to use against intruders.


  • Special Resources: Ore mines now has limited supply of ore. After that is used the mine closes. To see how much is left, use the Surveyer(F1). Though mines closes other opens. There will constantly be searched for mines in the area sorrounding a wizards cities. Both effects will be reported when they happen.
  • Mind Crystal: Increases controlling wizards skill by 5%.
  • Ancient Tower/Ancient Ruin/Ancient City: The only source to obtain spells from the Ancient realm. These are always defended by large Ancient armies.
  • The Lava Plane: Red plane. A constant Meteor Storm is in effect here. Though not as strong as the Chaos one it will make city planning tough. All units built here will get +2 defense. Ships built here will get +4 defense. Flying units outside cities will be randomly hit by a strenght 5 lightning attack each turn (half defense roll - non magic). Units using Water Walking to cross water will be hit by a strenght 10 non-magic fire attack each turn. In addition, the Meteor Storm will hit all units outside cities with a strenght 4 magic attack each turn.
  • The Purple Plane: Well, a purple plane. Only vague plans for this one.

Unit Spells (overland or combat)

  • Exchange Damage (combat): Cost: 30 mana. Will use life from one unit to heal another unit. This spell may kill the source unit by tapping all life from it. Caster must control units.
  • Infernal Boost (both): Cost: 40 mana. Utterly destroys one unit and adds all of that units stats to another unit. Both units must be normal. Caster must control units.
  • Infection (combat): Cost: 20 mana. Bestows the Plague Victim ability onto target unit. Caster must control unit.

Unit Enchantments (overland or combat)

  • Protect (overland): Upkeep: 8 mana. Casting wizard will choose a realm to protect the target unit from. The unit will recieve a +8 defence and resistance against attacks from the chosen realm. Will also recieve a +16 resistance against magic from that realm.
  • Divide (both): Upkeep: 3 mana. Target units attack, ranged attack, defence and resistance will be divided equally for that unit.
  • Swiftness (both): Upkeep: 3 mana. Target unit gain First Strike, +20% chance to hit and +2 movement.
  • Teleportation (overland): Upkeep: 4 mana. Gives the unit the ability Teleport.

Combat Enchantments

  • Rage: Cost: 45 mana. All normal units converts half their defence to attack. Their ranged attack will be halved. This also includes enemy units.
  • Disturb Gravity: Cost: 30 mana. All flying units will move at half speed. Units that does not fly can hit those that do.

Combat Spells

  • Mass Web: Cost: 50 mana. Webs all enemy units with a strenght 4 web that must be destroyed before the unit can move again. The web will prevent flying units from doing so the rest of the battle.
  • Chain Lightning: Cost: 30+ mana. Will hit the targeted unit with full power. Then move on to the closest unit and hit with 2/3 power. The spell repeats this a random number of times, though not if power goes below 10. This spell can also hit your own units.
  • Destroy Item (also overland): Cost: 150+ / 50+ mana. Attempts to destroy an item target hero is carrying. The chance of success is determined by the item's cost and the power of this spell. (Must be powered like Disenchant spells)
  • Dismiss (also overland): Cost: 100+ / 40+ mana. Works like Recall Hero and Word of Recall but targets an enemy unit. The unit will get a resistance roll; if failed, the unit will be returned to the opponent's summoning circle. Neutral units or Rampaging Monsters will simply be removed from combat, and can move on next game turn.

Overland Spells

  • Chaos Channels (org. spell): Altered to allow the wizard to select the effect. Added more effects.
  • Spell of Mastery (org. spell): This spell can now be turned off for the duration of a game.
  • Disturb Mind: Cost: 75+ mana (+1 per 5 research points). Targets an enemy wizard and disrupts his research, reducing it by 2/3. There is a 10% chance it will disrupt the research completly.
  • Move Town: Cost: 350 mana. With this spell a wizard can move a town to another location. Each building will get a 5% chance, pr level of city, or crumble. the city will also loose 15-30% of it's populace.

Overland Enchantments

  • Freeze World: Upkeep: 25 mana. No ships, except flying, can move. Not-flying units can walk on water. All cities get -30% food and -40% production. Nodes produce 2/3 normal power. All units get -1 movement. Volcano's becomes mountains for the duration of the spell.
  • Gais Blessing (org. spell): Does not convert Chaos Nodes to hills anymore
  • Planar Winds: Upkeep: 30 mana + 1 mana per fantastic creature. Each turn all fantastic creatures will suffer a -2 roll of being banished. Those not banished will suffer a magic attack strenght 5-15. All summoning spells costs 30% more. This spell will disenchant itself if there are no fantastic creatures.


Vampire Dogs (summon)
    Cost: 50 mana
    Upkeep: 3 mana/turn
    | Att:  7 | Vampire                    |
    |         | Ancient                    |
    | Def:  5 |                            |
    | Res: 10 |                            |
    | HP :  8 |                            |

Vampire (summon)
    Cost: 150 mana
    Upkeep: 8 mana/turn
    | Att: 15 | Vampire                    |
    | Mag:  5 | Teleport                   |
    | Def:  8 | Ancient                    |
    | Res: 15 |                            |
    | HP : 10 |                            |

Warfare General (built)
    Upkeep: 5 gold, 1 food
    | Att:  7 | Combat Advisor(random)     |
    | Bow:  7 |                            |
    | Def:  7 |                            |
    | Res:  7 |                            |
    | HP :  7 |                            |

Master at Arms (built)
    Upkeep: 5 gold, 1 food
    | Att: 10 | Combat Advisor(aggresive)  |
    |         |                            |
    | Def:  8 |                            |
    | Res:  5 |                            |
    | HP : 12 |                            |

Seer (built)
    Upkeep: 5 gold, 1 food
    | Att:  2 | Combat Advisor(defense)    |
    | Mag:  5 |                            |
    | Def:  8 |                            |
    | Res: 13 |                            |
    | HP :  7 |                            |

High Mage/High Priest (built)
    Upkeep: 5 gold, 1 food
    | Att:  1 | Combat Advisor(ranged)     |
    | Mag: 14 |                            |
    | Def:  5 |                            |
    | Res: 10 |                            |
    | HP :  5 |                            |

A wizard may only control 1 of each Advisor.

Unit Abilities

AMDR = Attack, Magic/Ranged, Defence, Resistance.

  • Vampire: Units with Vampire will be flying, at their respective speed, and have a str-5 life-stealing attack. Units killed by Vampires will return as Semi-Vampires at the end of battle, regardless of who won. Example: You kill 3 units but lose the battle, the opponent gains those Semi-Vampire units after battle.
  • Semi-Vampire: Units with SV will be flying, at their respective speed, and have a str-2 life-stealing attack. They will have half their normal HP, no ranged attacks and -1 AMDR. Units killed by SV's cannot be raised from the dead.
  • Lone Hunter: In battle, units with Lone Hunter will get -1 AMDR for each other unit you control beyond 4. They will, however, get +1 AMDR for each unit below 4. If they are not the only Lone Hunters they will not be affected by this ability. Lone Hunters doesn't require food upkeep.
  • Combat Advisor: Units with this ability will grant random special powers, and AMDR rolls, to units below their rank (exp level) in battle. Heroes may, at a 10% chance, be CA when up for hire.
  • Teleport (org. ability): Changed to work on the main map also. Uses all movement points when used there.
  • Ancient: Units with this ability will be possible guards of Ancient Tower/Ruin/City's.
  • Plague Victim: Plague Victim units will also have Nausea. Plague victims will affect all units they enter hand-to-hand combat with by the effect of Nausea.
  • Nausea: Units that are Nausea have a -2 AMDR. And a -1 movement, though not below 1. They also get -10% HP (life), though not below 1. Nausea has a 5+(units resistance)% chance of being removed each overland turn.

Unit Specifications

  • Experience Level-Up's: Ranged Attack units gain more ammo. All units gain more moves. Summoned creatures will now gain levels at 1/3 of normal speed.
  • Weapon types: Normal units under the influence of nodes have magic weapons. Magic Ranged attacks also increase for them.
  • Magician/Warlock: These have the Ammo ability replaced by Caster when elite. Although they are Casters their skill is not added to the wizards.
  • Engineers: They are able to build brigdes over small spans of water.

Wizard Abilities

  • Soul: Requires at least 5 books in any 1 realm. All units built in the wizards cities will be mutated by the effects of his magic. A wizard with Soul cannot build normal units - all units built will be fantastic.
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