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pJJ, as we abbreviate it, was a group created for development of a Quake modification. That was the first project of the group, and the first that failed.

Although a good idea, the mod named "Reign of Demons" just couldn't be realized through Quake. The engine was not strong enough, and the scripting language it used, Quake-C, was not powerful enough.

But, pJJ was created on the basis of it. JJ stands for Jezral & Jabbadoor; Jezral being Tino Didriksen, and Jabbadoor being Bastian Junge Larsen.

A bit after we abandoned the mod, Valarne Eledwhen (Tue Bo) was added to the official pJJ list.

The domains, and, were registered after the mod, now serve as playgrounds for pJJ, and are mainly updated by Tino Didriksen, who is also the owner.

Throughout 2001 the main attraction to the site became the chats.

Current status as of December 2004 is:

  • As of 2000, Bastian and Tue are long gone. Only Tino Didriksen runs things.
  • Everything was moved to a dedicated server at ServerBeach in July 2003.
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